Advisory Services

Our mission is seeking to understand a client’s core values, commercial imperatives, risk profile, and unique workplace challenges to provide proactive, full-service counseling, compliance, and risk prevention strategies to maximize business autonomy with multidimensional approaching.

We provide categorized services to align with the journey of an entire employee’s career life cycle, from the employer’s perspective.

We are strategically developing, negotiating, and drafting complex agreements, such as executive and other employment agreements, confidentiality non-disclosure and non-circumvention agreements, and independent contractor arrangements, which are always custom-tailored to clients’ objectives.

We train managers and other interviewers to ensure that all questions asked are lawful and provide the information necessary to place the right person in the right position.

Prevention continues with the right policy. We support employers of all sizes and different environments to ensure that they have policies and procedures in place that embody their values, business objectives and conform with current rules and regulations to avoid the risks of litigation and related workplace challenges.

Our office constantly monitors the ever-changing federal, state, and local employment laws and regulations affecting company policies, serving as proactive partners in updating, reviewing, and maintaining customized employee handbook and policies.

We provide practical solutions and guidance on the design and implementation of performance management and disciplinary policies and solutions. Our office helps employers to handle challenging performance and disciplinary situations. We support employers at all levels of performance management, including day-to-day, informal feedback; goal-setting; annual performance assessments; and, the discipline process.

We spend most of our time in litigation and consultation in highly specialized and regulated fields such as overtime requirements and calculation, meal and rest breaks, exempt and independent contractor classification, tipped employee issues, the compensability of pre-shift and post-shift activities, and training time, to name just a few.

A well-trained and legally-compliant staff is the company’s best weapon against expensive lawsuits, damage to the job, and negative publicity. With this goal in mind, our customized training programs are designed. We also collaborate to empower your employees with the practical skills they need to further the company’s compliance activities to tackle the demands of today’s workplace better.

We provide customized advice and guidance on leave-related policies and documentation, as well as expert advice on handling those employees taking leave. We support clients in the implementation of leave and accommodation policies that conform to federal and state law, which optimize organizational priorities.

We are assessing and mitigating the legal and other risks associated with terminating the employment or independent contractor relationship, including handling sensitive and challenging executive terminations, as well as the negotiation and drafting of complex and multifaceted separation agreements.